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The Ripcurl Dress

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I spotted this dress sitting on the 'new' or 'just in rack,' I mean it didn't say that literally, but you know when something has just arrived because it's usually at the front of the store just staring at you.. it calls you to come in and feel the fabric.. You then visualize yourself wearing it.. Then, there's always someone that comes over to tell you it's 'new' or it has 'just arrived' which just makes you want it even more.. Well, this was one of those moments where that exactly happened. A sweet sales assistant came over to tell me it had 'just arrived today' right when I was feeling how nice the fabric would feel on an easy, breezy day. Rip Curl at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast is probably also the best place to buy a dress like this too, so why the hell not.. This dress appears in my last post as a layer underneath (looking like a skirt) and it may make one more appearance in the next post.. haha.. I guess it's just a hit for me.. Also, this bag is new, I think the cream color and gold clasp/chain is really sweet.. But of course it all had to be roughed up a bit with a fedora hat and some old faves, a pair of suede ankle boots.

Where to buy or get this look:

Ripcurl Hacienda Spot Mini Dress: Ripcurl

Hat: bought in store from Gelato Lane

DKNY Bag: bought in store from TK Maxx

Shoes: Sportsgirl Neutral pointed suede ankle boots (Feb 2020 season)

Jewelry: Turquoise Necklace from shopping centre stall

Turquoise bracelet: Pashin Surfers Paradise

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