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Fashion Blogger

A Fashion Blogger Re-Defining Innovative Style

At I Like Your Getup, we seek to explore the world of fashion from a personal perspective. As a preeminent fashion blogger, Sascha Raeburn’s fashion sense offers readers a unique fashion blog filled with outfit options where vintage style meets 2021 seamlessly.

Check out Sascha’s fashion blog that highlights a fashion item and includes her insightful fashion commentary, plus the ways in which Sascha would choose to accessorize this fashion item. Here are a few examples from this innovative fashion blogger -

  • Saturday Vibes

  • The Ripcurl Dress

  • The Manchester Pant

  • Star Studded


In addition to a cutting-edge fashion blog, I Like Your Getup provides a magazine with links to relevant and fascinating fashion news and stories from across the globe.

I Like Your Getup offers several personalized products, as follows –


Please reach out to Sascha with any questions or comments.

To keep pace with this pioneering fashion blogger, follow I Like Your Getup on Instagram and TikTok.

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