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The Midtown Coat

I actually do a lot of my shopping in store and not online so much.. Usually, it's because I like to try things on and get a good fit.. However, when this coat appeared in my promotions inbox (I am signed up to a lot of clothing places haha), I literally did not hesitate and bought it in one click! I just love the brown check and the double breasted buttons. I have blogged about brownish vintage colors before and this fits into that palette again. While wearing it, I feel like I'm taking a road trip to the country where I'd pack an old suitcase full of old, ripped journals and think about composing a theme for my next novel... The next morning, I'd sit in my holiday cottage, eat semi-burnt toast and sip earl grey tea in a mysterious arm chair by a sunny window. Later, I'd stroll down to the duck pond and feed the ducks. Some bunny rabbits would hop along and all the while I'd be glad I'm wearing this thick coat because I would have eaten far too many scones and the crumbs aren't even visible! Ha ha! I swear, this is actually a clothing item I feel I have pre-owned in another life time.. Some clothes do that, they just give you that feeling of familiarity. And, now in this lifetime you could say it has found its way back to me! True love :)

Where to buy or get this look:

The Mom jean: Sportsgirl

The Midtown Structured Coat: Dotti

Gold Myah Sunglasses: Sportsgirl (in store/not on website)

Photography: Johnny Romeo @johnnyromeoart

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