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The Brixton Cap

Updated: May 17, 2021

I love this Brixton cap that I found a couple of years ago at Urban Outfitters in Hollywood. Also, I love how you can still buy it too! So often, brands never restock popular items and keep moving on to the next new trend. However, Brixton places emphasis on classic style and silhouettes that never go out of style. This 'fiddler' cap captures that errand boy/newspaper look that has become so popular in vintage fashion over the decades. I like wearing it in a French street style way in this look by mixing it with these Manchester pants and the black tank along with these epic oval shaped sunglasses. I'm a big fan of some subtle bling, so for this look, I added some sparkle with the necklace, gold chained bag and gold watch.

Where to buy or get this look:

Brixton Fiddler Cap: Brixton

Black crop top: Cotton On

Manchester Pant: Dotti

Necklace: Kookai

Boots: Dotti


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