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Star Studded

I was star studded by this jacket, that's for sure.. I remember walking past it a few times in the mall thinking I'm gong to come back and get that.. I think studs are kind of like that.. They kind of give you that star struck feeling... They blind you with their sheer punk will power! They also want to take you down haha! It's like a battle before you try on the jacket.. A stand off I mean, from out of a western movie or something... Like, who's going to be the toughest? Will the jacket win, or will I get to compete at least.. Haha! Then, just as you try each other on... you go to war and wonder who won the battle.. Or, was it a draw? .. Did I come out tougher, or did the studs make me tough? Of, course, you pull out your weirdest grimace face, and it's in that moment, that you both decide, 'you will be tough together.. ' Haha.. That's one thing for sure.. I love how studs make you feel.. They bring out some fight in you and make fashion your villain for a little while. Indeed, they stir you.... But, before I allowed them to get too cocky, I juxtaposed the look with some classic blue denim and adidas sneakers which strips it all back and understates the look.. Anyway, from now on, I think studs, denim and sneakers are a mix that I might have to burn or imprint into my long term memory, they are too much fun. :)

Where to buy or get this look:

Black denim studded jacket: Decjuba

Blue Sportsgirl Jeans: Sportsgirl

Adidas shoes: Insport

Amy Necklace: Kookai

Photography: Johnny Romeo @johnnyromeoart

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