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Pink Adidas

I've always been a fan of pink, especially mixed with anything sporty in style.. I feel like pink is a fantastic color for street style because it totally lifts up a suburban, concrete or otherwise plain or dull surrounding.

Pink is such a punk rock color and has plenty of attitude, so its always something I have to have in my wardrobe. Also, I have been loving how everyone's been embracing sweats as the new skinny jean in the last year or so (due to covid and being at home much more). They seem to be a 'breather' from previous tight fitting clothe trends over the years. To me, It's like the 'strip back' trend to make us more comfortable for other new trends like baggy jeans etc.. (which I just bought btw and will be posting more of!).

Feel free to contact me about anything at

Where to buy or get this look:

Pink Adidas Hoodie: Insport

Black sweat pants: Cotton On

Adidas Shoes: Insport

Sunglasses: Sportsgirl

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