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Mustard Hues

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

This look was accidentally put together.. I was playing around with my new Rip Curl dress (the black and white spotted skirt which appears to be underneath), and I wanted to add some color so I layered this mustard shirt over the top which I think accidentally just works. I love it when outfits happen like that.. I usually roll my eyes at layering as it just seems like extra work or something but it's nice when it happens effortlessly and when you're not even thinking about it. Also, I love turquoise jewelry. In fact, it's often a go-to look for me, especially if I'm wearing something muted. Turquoise is just this subtle pop of unexpected color that's coastal or beachy, it breaks up the earthy vibe. And of course I had to top this look off with a black hat.. when a skirt is so girly like that.. it just needs the balance of boots and a hat to make it speak more masculine.

Where to buy or get this look:

Mustard shirt: Dotti (recent sale item bought in store - not on the website)

Wool Fedora Black hat: Dotti

Shoes: Sportsgirl Neutral pointed suede ankle boots (Feb 2020 season)

Brown bag: Vintage (Mooloola bag/City Beach)

Jewelry: Turquoise Necklace from shopping centre stall

Turquoise bracelet: Pashin Surfers Paradise

Photographer: Johnny Romeo @johnnyromeoart

If you want to get in contact with me about anything even just to randomly say hi and connect, or to introduce yourself, please send me an email to:

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