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Mom jeans on a Sunday

I feel like for the last few years I have been on a never ending quest to find the perfect 'mom jean' fit.. and I believe I finally found them! Thanks Sportsgirl! (which is where I got these jeans from last week). I was in the change room and lucky me.. They just fitted me perfectly like a glove! We are all fussy with our jeans.. and I am no different because uncomfortable jeans are the worst. Yet, these seem to mold and fit to your body shape the more you wear them. Also, this 'Brooklyn' sweater is from Sportsgirl, bought on the same day. It's such a beautiful fabric and I love the faded green vintage color! It's so soft and cozy, like you just want to be in it all day watching re-runs of Friends.. or out strolling on these in-between Autumn days. And of course.. I had to pair this look with my favorite classic white and black Adidas sneakers which are all about laze and comfort, perfect for chilled Sunday vibes :).

Where to buy or get this look:

The Mom jean: Sportsgirl

Brooklyn Sweater: Sportsgirl

Gold Myah Sunglasses: Sportsgirl (in store/not on website)

Photography: Johnny Romeo @johnnyromeoart

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