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Mauve Twilight

I love argyle printed vests and the inspiration for this 90's inspired outfit is the cult movie 'Clueless' directed by Amy Heckerling. After watching it, I have always been obsessed with argyle printed vests or argyle printed anything really! So, when I saw this beautiful mauve one I had to get it! I have had this maroon cord skirt for a while, there seems to be a collection building in different colors, yellow/mustard, dark green.. haha.. In fact, I believe the movie Clueless has influenced my wardrobe a lot, I love how certain movies do that. For instance, A-line mini skirts I consider to be a classic item now as well as button down skirts... I blame that on Cher and Dionne! Also, those tiny backpacks were big in that 90's era, however the black and white sporty tone of this Adidas one does mix up the preppy vibe. I enjoy adding an element of surprise to a predicted look, that way you can add your own flair to it. Lastly, the black high heeled ankle boots are some old faves of mine, I like them because they always toughen up a feminine look and give it some street attitude.

Where to buy or get this look:

Mauve Argyle vest: Glassons (might not have mauve left)

White shirt: Vintage (old from my wardrobe)

Maroon cord skirt: Forever 21 (Vintage)

Amy necklace: Kookai

Black heeled ankle boots: (Vintage)

Backpack: Adidas bought from Urban Outfitters

Photographer: Johnny Romeo @johnnyromeoart

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