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Lilac Dreams

I have been waiting to wear this lilac faux fur coat to the beach for a little over a week now.. When I bought it, I thought wow! This is a very versatile coat! It could be a neon pop look for a busy Tokyo lit up street.. Or it could be a 90's throwback Spice Girl vibe... Or, a coastal, just throw it on, beachy look.. I chose the beachy look for this shoot and tied it together with some simple paper bag denim shorts, white Birkenstocks and a favorite eagle motorcycle tee. I love the blend of the feminine lilac and the masculine Harley Davidson vibe along with the turquoise jewelry.

Where to buy or get this look:

Lilac coat: Valley girl

Motorcycle tee: Sportsgirl

Hat: Cotton On

Sunglasses: Le Specs

White Birkenstocks: K-mart

Turquoise Jewelry: Pashin

Photography: Johnny Romeo @johnnyromeoart

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