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Lakers & High Tops

I've been kind of proud of holding on to these electric pink Nike High tops lately.. I remember there was a time when I wasn't sure if they were staying at one point.. I mean, they are really cool now.. But, back when I got them in LA, they weren't really 'trending' haha. They were sadly rejected in some trashy sale aisle at the back of the warehouse.. I remember their light green laces saying to me.. Finally, you're here, someone that gets us! I was like... Really? No one wanted you? Ha ha.. Fast forward to now and everyone comments on them asking me where I got them.. Shame on me now for thinking about their place in my wardrobe at one point because this year I have been wearing them a lot... And people like them more than they like me haha! The black denim ripped bermuda shorts are so versatile, they can be dressed up or down.. and the Laker's shirt is a must-have, I mean it steals the whole look really, I have so many great Laker's games memories at the Staples Center so I tend to flock to basketball clothing that sparks hearing squeaky shoes on that famous court. I've always loved a good trucker hat too and just thought this Ripcurl cap is an item that will go with a lot of things.

Where to buy or get this look:

City Beach Lakers T-shirt

Nike Hot Pink High Tops: Vintage (old from my wardrobe)

Photographer: Johnny Romeo @johnnyromeoart

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