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Floppy hat & Faux Fur

I am a sucker for a floppy hat.. and faux fur.. I have never put the two together until now .. which is actually super weird because after seeing it together I really like it.. I feel like a 70's movie star or something going out for the day but not overly dressed with some jeans on haha.. I have to admit, I didn't plan this outfit.. I just knew I wanted to wear the faux fur jacket which I just purchased recently.. I love the brownish, reddish. amber color and it's one of those colors that I just think works with something basic like blue denim.. So, the high waisted blue jeans were just there looking at me in my wardrobe saying 'pick me' haha.. Also, I am loving these nude/tan heels, they just go with everything.. but the hat and the other accessories I just fluked.. I mean with the rich, burnt sienna color of the jacket... The beige, gold or neutrals dont compete with it and instead make it shine all on its own.. I also like any excuse to wear my vintage gold watch which is an heirloom given to me by my late Grandmother :) I think its really nice and matches subtly with the gold chain on the bag and the gold necklace.. I really love mixing the bling with the faux fur and the textures of the denim and the felt hat.

Where to buy or get this look:

Faux fur jacket: Dotti

Alice Heels: Kookai

Blue high waisted jeans: Sportsgirl (in store not on website)

Floppy hat: Gelato Lane (in store not on website)

Bag: Dkny (bought in store at TJ Max)

Necklace: Kookai

Watch: Vintage heirloom (passed down from my Grandmother)

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