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Corduroy Creek

I fell in love with this corduroy shirt the other night while out shopping.. At first, I didn't think much of it.. But, there's always something about cord that when it's around.. I always get it haha. It always makes me think of that classic 70's fashion which never goes out of style. Especially the color brown, light brown or caramel, it's a vintage color that reminds me of endless days, Indian summers, old, worn out suitcases or leaves turning to autumn. To be honest, I haven't quite embraced the 90's oversized look but when it comes to a corduroy shirt, I think my usual tight fitting style can take a holiday (hehe).. Plus, I like the masculine buttoned up look mixed with the girly skirt, it's the perfect balance. By the way, you may have noticed this Ripcurl dress has hogged like three posts now.. Hehe!

Where to buy or get this look:

Chantelle Cord Shirt: bought at Dotti in store (not on the website)

Wool Fedora Black hat: Dotti

Shoes: Sportsgirl Neutral pointed suede ankle boots (Feb 2020 season)

Brown bag: Vintage (Mooloola bag/City Beach)

Jewelry: Turquoise Necklace from shopping centre stall

Turquoise bracelet: Pashin Surfers Paradise

If you want to get in contact with me about anything please send me an email to:

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