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Champion Polo

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

I loved how this this top caught my eye, I thought, wow, I love the colors, white/gem jade and peach. I also thought I could be a rugby player or a polo player haha, depending on my mood of course and the day, whether it's a footy or croquet vibe. Obviously, in these photos I went for the buttoned up polo look which I think accentuates the vintage Champion logo, a feature I love about this sweat shirt. Of course, I had to pair it with these light colored, high waisted shorts, they are a bit different with the paper bag waist and compliment the vintagy feel. The weather in Sydney is warm and sunny, yet cooler in the late afternoon so this is a great comfy look for the in between weather.. It makes me want to go off and play some polo or learn how to in the backyard or something :)

Where to buy or get this look:

Champion Rugby Polo Top: David Jones

Vintage Paper Bag Shorts: Made for a Restless Generation (Factorie)

Shoes: Adidas

Photography: Johnny Romeo @johnnyromeoart

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